About Us

De Pieri illuminazione Lampada da tavolo anteprimaOur company is a traditional one and the production is exclusively made in Italy. The company was found in 1985. We restore and build indoor light sources, suited for different rooms. At our disposal we have a wide set of products designed for either classic or modern style. We create innovative solutions for the modern one, by using LEDs, RGB with push-botton panel or remote control commands.

We offer our experience on the engineering and design field and in the planning one. In addition we realize customer’ s projects and unique articles. Each of our creations can be customized according to customer’ s needs, by working on finishing touches. We also work for hotel business, museums, public places, ancient and modern villas, shops and private houses, without limiting dimensions and/or article style.

We operate in respect of our characterizing quality. We work iron, brass, copper (on demand) and for the finishing touches we use several types of De Pieri illuminazione Lampada da tavolo zaffiragalvanic baths (24 carats gold, nickel, etc.). Paintings are performed with thermosetting powders. For crystals we use Murano original ones, with Venice blown glasses. We can create any kind of article, even single parts to solve any lighting problem. Professionalism and experience are always our distinguishing features.

All our articles meet safety devices according to EUROPEAN regulations. Each article has the CE mark.